Dr. Constanine N. Nana

Industry, Research & Deal Structuring Oversight

Constantine N. Nana holds a PhD, LLM, LLB, Maitrise and D.E.A. He has held teaching and research positions in the United Kingdom, South Africa, and Cameroon. He has been inter alia Senior Lecturer in Business Law at the London Metropolitan University, and Lecturer in Oil and Gas Law at the Robert Gordon University of Aberdeen. He also has experience as a legal consultant on money laundering. In 2005, he was part of a team that carried out an audit of the HSBC Bank (Johannesburg branch) to ensure that it complied with the Financial Intelligence Centre Act and the policies of the Financial Task Force (on Money Laundering).

His research experience includes a book, several articles and conference presentations on a range of subjects related to governance. His studies initially focused on governance in the oil and gas industry in Aberdeen, United Kingdom. In 2010, he published a book that seeks to explain the string of contradictions that lace the concept of corporate responsibility. He carried out further studies into the behavior of corporations (private and state-owned) and sought to show that this may be reflected in the corporate culture. This research was for the Queen’s University discussion paper series on corporate responsibility. It involved a comparison of the American and British models. He also published an analysis of the model (vicarious liability) employed to hold corporations liable in South Africa and his publications have been included in the Country Dossier comprising 500 titles of books and journal articles discussing the laws of South Africa.

His research on corporate responsibility also involves studies on the harms of prosecution to the corporate persons, presented at a conference at the University College of London; and an analysis of the British corporate manslaughter statute which was presented at a conference at the University of Kansas. He has also published on the restructuring of Lehman Brothers International, and managed a blog on bankruptcy and insolvency while a research fellow at Kingston University. In 2013, he published an article on ways in which arbitrators within the OHADA jurisdiction (mostly French-speaking Africa) rule on the existence of corruption in a contract. The article was listed on Harvard Law School’s bibliography on corruption and anti-corruption for 2014.

He is an active member of The Network for International Arbitration, Mediation and ADR (Transnational Dispute Management) and a founding member of the Young Africa Business Trust, affiliate of the World Bank Institute’s Responsible Business Network. He has won several awards, including the World Bank Institute Prize for Ideas for Action Competition for Young Entrepreneurs, and the UNESCO -World Science Forum Prize for Young Scientists’ Thoughts.

Dr Nana is currently a board member of the Africa Gas Association. He is tasked with identifying and leading new research opportunities in oil and gas in Africa and conducting research on the Africa Gas Masterplan in collaboration with the NNPC.