About Us


Sachem Global, LLC is a Washington, DC based company established to provide its Network, Ideas, Strategy and Execution for small organizations with big hearts and large organizations with big mandates. Sachem Global prides itself on working with some of the most game-changing visionaries who believe global business and shaping livelihoods intersect.

Organizational history – Sachem Global was founded to meet the demands of niche or complex customer needs that often span across sectors, regions and industries. Sachem Global is agile and more affordable than the larger, publically traded consulting firms where we started professionally. Sachem Global was founded with the support and encouragement of past clients and has never looked back. Sachem Global offers advisory, implementation and facilitation services across, and within, emerging and mature markets. While using its network to remain adaptive as global and local needs shift.

Sachem [say-chuh m] means “Chief” in the language of the Narragansett people.


Mission – Sachem Global provides its Network, Ideas, Strategy and Execution at the intersection of public, private and non-profit sectors. Sachem Global collaboratively identifies and designs customized solutions for its clients to address pressing needs in a dynamic global landscape.

Vision – Sachem Global guides exemplary Leaders, Pioneers, and Visionaries to achieve integrity-based solutions elevating their industry and future generations.

Our Approach – Sachem Global gains efficiencies in using proven methodologies and frameworks while customizing approaches for the client. Sachem Global also believes in engaging the client in two-way knowledge transfer.

Our Structure – Sachem Global is comprised of leading experts in the fields of business, government, academia, policy and international development. Sachem Global engages the right professionals, with the right expertise at the right time to address each client’s specific needs. Sachem Global has developed its own methodologies rooted in the Executive Team years of experience in Corporate American and cultivating International recognized Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs).


Strategic Advice Changing How Events Manifest