Who Is Sachem Global?

What's Your Next Challenge?


We help Governments and Embassies worldwide.


We support Mining, Energy, and Banking Sectors.


We partner with Academic Institutions to support Private sector and country-level goals.


We have turned local non-profits into formidable international organizations.

Our Work Around the World

Our engagements cover 5 continents and key regions including Nigeria, Lesotho, Germany, China, Kenya, Guinea, Morocco, Thailand and Dominican Republic.

Public Speaking
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Government & Governance
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International NGOs & Non-Profits
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Oil & Energy
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Infrastructure & Investment
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Diplomatic & Public Policy Support
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Strategic Planning, Facilitation & Managing Change
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Content for Local & International Publications
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Business Strategy & Facilitation

Facilitation, Leadership Workshops & Retreats.

Speaking Engagements & Presentations

Sachem Global is hired for high-level discourse and thought leadership.

Solution Finding...

What is your next challenge? Together, we find the right solution.


Our Approach…Tailoring Proven Methods to Our Customer’s Unique Needs.


Clients gain efficiencies through Sachem Global’s proven methodologies and frameworks, with customized approaches. Sachem Global also believes in engaging the client in two-way knowledge transfer.



Our Services Evolve, just as our Client Industries and Needs Evolve...


Sachem Global helps titled land owners and companies establish mining strategies and identify funding sources.

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Government & Governance

Sachem Global builds lasting Governance structures to new, existing and growing organizations.

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International NGOs & Non-Profits

Sachem Global guides Visionaries to achieve their goals while charting a course for building an enduring, respected and stakeholder-led organizations.

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Oil & Energy

Sachem Global facilitates legitimate deals in the Oil and Energy Sectors with its strategic partners with access to Seller, Refineries, Tank Farms, Vessel Financing. We have developed Best of Breed Procedures that serve as an initial readiness assessment.

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List of Business Services


Our Guiding Principles

Leadership Integrity Clause

At Sachem Global, all of our Partners and Clients sign a clause on Integrity. We can give advice on Governance without engaging it ourselves. (...)

Social Responsibility & Global Citizens

Sachem Global’s primary focus is identifying and closing solid business deals. We also know our work impacts communities and we want to keep them engaged. (...)

Core Values

At Sachem Global, our Core Values are SIMPLE and serve as the foundation of what we do:At Sachem Global, our Core Values are SIMPLE and serve as the foundation of what we do: (...)

Our Clients

Our clients span various industries including, both Domestic and International